Historical Highlights
Over 90 Years of Transformation
In searching through the Archives, It was discovered that on September 7, 1919 the birth of a dream was inspired and carried out by Reverend Willis Wyatt and six members destined to organize a Baptist Mission.
September 7th, 1919
·        Founder and Pastor, Reverend Willis B. Wyatt.
·        The First Union Baptist Mission Church of Brooklyn, 25 Hunter Fly Place. It was a small storefront building. This was the first place of worship service which was held on the first Sunday in September, sadly to say the first service held was a funeral, one of the church’s first anticipated worshippers, Brother Allen Franklin. Home-Going Service was held at 10 a.m.
·        The first official service was held by the ordained Pastor and Founder Reverend Willis B. Wyatt at 11 a.m. The church had only six members in attendance; they were Maggie Wyatt, Clara Fields, Louisa Mosley, Anna Jones, Jack Jones and Robert Hutchinson.
·        Reverend Wyatt established Sunday School on the same day of service September 7th , 1919. Robert Hutchinson served as the first Acting Superintendents of Sunday School, he had five little children to instruct.
·        First Choir the Senior Choir. The exact date is not known but there were eight members in the beginning Clara Williams, Larcy Netts, Ida Watkins, Ada Strong, Maggie Wyatt, Lelia Jones, Benjamin Williams and a brother of Maggie Wyatt name is unknown.
·        First musical accompanist, Brother Ellworth Groce.
·        First Mother of the Church, Mother Louisa Mosley.
·        First Missionary Circle Ida Watkins, Catherine Jackson and Queenie Pegram.
February 1920
  • First Board of Deacons Jack Jones who was 92, James C. Butcher, Robert Brandom and William H. Johnson.
  • First Board of Deaconesses Louisa Mosley, Angeline Jones, Clara Fields and Ida Watkins.
  • First Usher Sister Baylock. The Usher Board began with just one Usher.
September 24th, 1920
  • First Superintendent of Sunday School William H. Johnson.
  • First Church Clerk William H. Johnson.
  • First Home Mission President, Annie Jones.
November 1920
  • First Revival Service seven new converts joined the church increasing membership: Mary Shanks, Margaret Thomas, Margaret Johnson, Matilda Walker, Doris Hall, Gladys Murell and John Holland.
November 1921
  • Maggie Wyatt gave a concert and raised $15.12 towards the payment of a new piano but the increased in rent and the need of the church to relocate from 25 Hunter Fly Place. The church worshiped at this location for two years and three months.
December 1921
  • For two years three months the church worshipped at 25 Hunterfly Street. The church moved from 25 Hunterfly Street, on the corner of Atlantic Avenue to 25 Chauncey Street to seek a permanent location and a more desirable edifice. The church remained at this location for only 3 months before purchasing the property at 1699 Atlantic Avenue for the sum of $5,000.00 in cash from the City Mission Track Society where Mr. Frank Parson was Counselor and Treasure.
March 1922
  • Church moved to newly purchased home site, 1699 Atlantic Avenue.
  • Church Covenant Meeting at home site, reconfirming belief and dedication.
May 1925
·        Sister Tucker became the Musical Director.
June 1925
·        First Boy Scout Troop was organized by Brother Taylor who was Scout Master.
October 1925
·        Brother Al Jones became President of the B,.Y.P.U. and Sister Metts was elected president of the Home Mission Society.
January 1926
·        The Church Creed was presented to the Church and adopted and accepted.
February 1926
·        Church Creed Presented and Related to Congregation by Brother Taylor.
September 1926
·        Margie Garrison became the pianist paid a fee of $6.00 a month.
February 1927
·        Church Seal was acquired all documents and correspondence would be affixed officially.
January 1928
·        The expansion and renovation of the Church, 1699 Atlantic Avenue. The entire congregation was excited and energized; Reverend Wyatt used his expertise in the area of electricity, masonry, plumbing and carpentry. Listen to this! Many of the pews of the church on Atlantic Avenue were made by Reverend Wyatt and Deacon Thomas Mc Horn.
Look! Mt. Sinai, we presently have 6 of the original pews from 1699, where do you think they are located?
1 is located in the vestibule of the entry of the church.
1 is also in Sanctuary and 4 in the balcony, in the Sunday School fellowship Hall.
August 1932
·        Mother Queenie Pegram was elected president of the Pastor’s Aide Club.
January 1936
·        New heating converted from coal and gas stoves.
September 1937
·        First Church nurse, Sister Maretta Greene.
August 18th, 1945
The death of Founder and Pastor Reverend Willis B. Wyatt. On the day of his Home-Going the merchants in the surrounding area closed their businesses to salute this great shepherd of God.
August 20th, 1945
·        Deacon Forest Childs and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees picked up the qauntlet faced the challenges and moved the church forward. The Church Burns the Mortgage, Church was debt free.
September 1946
·        Charles G. Archie became Heaven Bound Chorus Director and Musician.
January 28th, 1947
·        New Pastor Elect Reverend Paul Earl Jones of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Reverend Jones Mott “Watch Us Grow, Why Worry When You Can Pray.”
February 1947
·        Mariah McWilliams born in Enfield, N.C. June 2, 1900. She joined Mt. Sinai under the leadership of Reverend Jones, sang in the Gospel Chorus, Deaconess, Mother of the Church and a Missionary.
March 1950
·        First Hammond Organ purchased, recommendation was brought to the church by Director of Music, Professor Alvin W. Murray.
July 1951
·        Church purchases building at 107-09 Marion Street. Growth of membership was focused to the need of a larger sanctuary Purchase price $30,000.00.
October 4th, 1953
·        Sunday 11 a.m. service was held at new location 107-09 Marion Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.
January 1954
·        Church dedication of building, 107-09 Marion Street.
June 1954
·        After 9 months, City claims the property of Marion Street vicinity for housing and school development. City paid church $60,000 for purchase of property. Investment was doubled.
·        The same month and year the city claims the property, Deacon Solomon Roberts reorganizes the Male Chorus.
September 19th, 1954
  • The Thirty-Fifth Anniversary of the Church unveils a bronze plaque of the late Reverend Willis B. Wyatt.
January 1955
  • Good Samaritan Apostolic Church 1142 Herkimer Street, first church to share and open their facilities of worship to Mt. Sinai.
July 1955
  • Litigation of the sale of property 241-45 Gates Avenue former owner of site’s property Tabernacle Baptist Church.
December 1955
  • Church General Meeting, Board of Deacons suggest that Church Clerk be elected every two years. Brother Charles Archer elected Church Clerk for the next two years. Reverend Jones announces “We will be in our new home 241-45 Gates Avenue by the first Sunday in January of 1956.”
January 1st , 1956
  • First Sunday service convened at 11 a.m. at our new location 241-45 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. With our new church home came new challenges and new responsibilities. The total expenses for repairs, improvements and installations to decorate and remodel the building during that era total $16,467.00. Can you imagine the price now?   Just look how far we have come, Mt. Sinai. God has blessed us abundantly!
March 1956
  • William Brown Organizer of Church Recreation Youth Center.
June 12th, 1956
  • The death of our second Pastor, Reverend Paul Earl Jones. We commemorate the three shepherds and the members who struggled throughout this tedious journey and who laid the basic foundation of Mount Sinai Baptist Church. Reverend Vernard Drew is remembered for his superb leadership.
June 1957
  • A year after Reverend Jones’s death, a special meeting was held to elect a pastor. Mt. Sinai was assisted with this mission chaired by Reverend B.J. Lowry Eastern Baptist Association. Two candidates were under consideration, Reverend Robert Wilson and Reverend William Lymon Lowe. Reverend Lowe was elected by a majority vote.
August 1957
  • The late Sister Pattie Henderson election General Chair of the Installation and Banquet Services for Reverend William Lymon Lowe.
September 1st , 1957
·        Reverend Lowe assumes his duties as Pastor of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church following his installation. Site location 239 Gates Avenue was the parsonage for the Pastor, his wife and/or family. The house has been demolished and is presently used as the Church’s Parking Lot.
November 1957
·        Prudential Board name changed to Pastor’s Council. This council handled all matters concerning the welfare of the Church.
 December 1957
·        Brother Charles Archie re-elected as Church Clerk for another two years.
 October 1958
·        Deacon Vernard Drew, Chairman of the Board of Deacons called to the Ministry and became a Licensed Minister.
 May 1959
·        1699 Atlantic Ave. litigation, the sale of property with Carrold Realty Company sale prices, $15,000.00.
 January 1960
·        New Trustees nominated to serve fro three years. The late Hattie Peeples, Brother Julius and the late Brother James Durham.
 June 1960
·        Brother Charles Archie third time re-elected as Church Clerk, Sister Mary Davis elected as Treasure and sister Hattie Peeples financial Secretary.
·        Brother James Putney and Brother Jacob Pittman became Deacons.
June 1961
·        Special Estate Fund established.
 September 1961
·        Charles A. Archie Pianist and Director of The Junior and Young People’s Choir.
 March 1962
·        Major alterations done on the Parsonage and a new front put on the Church.
 September 1962
·        Bronze Plaque unveiled of Rev. Jones.
·        The late sister Cordelia Snider, an outstanding leader under the leadership of Rev. Paul Earl Jones and Rev. Wlliams Lymon Lowe. Sunday School Teacher, Youth leader, Drama Club, Gospel Chorus, an Usher, Yearbook Committee, Newspaper Staff, Superintendent and Assistant Church Clerk
December 1962
  • Vaudrey Thomas, Assistant Director Male Chorus and Gospel Chorus.
 January 1970
  • Mt Sinai purchases additional property, three pieces adjacent to the church and a new parsonage on Synder Avenue, Brooklyn.
  • Young Adult Choir-Directors, Estelle S. Smart and Albert P. Carey (80 voices)
July 1978
  • Mount Sinai Holds its First Homecoming Day.
 April 21st, 1979
  • Mount Sinai Presents Spring Concert at the Brooklyn Academy of Music
 June 30th, 1984
  • Dr. Lowe Retires after pasturing Mt Sinai for twenty seven years, due to illness.
  • Reverend Curtis L. Whitney came to Mt Sinai as an assistant to Reverend Lowe. The Search Committee didn’t have to look very far because, this qualified Shepherd and man of God was right amongst the sheep.
July 1st, 1984
  • Pulpit Committee Chair, Deacon Forest Childs, Co-Chair Reverend Larry Camp
September 11th , 1984
  • Reverend Curtis Leroy Whitney elected as the Fourth Pastor of Mount Sinai Baptist church. After the election, both the Search and Pulpit Committees begin planning for an Installation Celebration.
September 12th, 1984
  • Installation Committee Chair, Brother Marvin Jackson and Co-Chair Sister Mary Bonner.
 September 12th, 1984
  • Installation Journal Committee Chair, Sister Barbara Smalls.
 February 20, 21, 27, 28th, 1985
  • Pre-Installation Services Honoring Reverend Curtis L. Whitney.
  • Preachers: Reverend Herbert B. Jones, Reverend Robert A. Laws.
  • Reverend Wyatt Tee Walker, Reverend Susan D. Johnson.
  • Presiding: Reverend Harris Greene, Sister Minnie McBride
  • Reverend Larry Camp, Rev. Garfield I. Lloyd.
March 2nd, 1985
  • Installation Luncheon Committee Chair, Sister Wanda Kenton, Co-Chair, Sister Clarena Woody.
 March 2nd, 1985
  • Installation Banquet Luncheon the Le Cordon Bleu, Woodhaven, New York.
  • Presiding: Sister Wanda Kenton
  • Speaker Honorable Ralph T. Grant, President of City Council Newark, NJ
  • Toast Master: Reverend Preston Washington, Memorial Baptist Church NYC.
 March 3rd, 1985
·        Installation Service of Reverend Curtis Leroy Whitney, Mt Sinai Baptist Church
·        Theme: “Pastor and People Caring Enough to Share.”
·        Presiding: Reverend Dr. Washington Lundy, Evening Star Baptist Church Brooklyn, N.Y.
·        Installation Sermon:  Reverend Ollie B. Wells, Union Baptist Church NYC
·        The Charge to the Pastor: Dr. Harry S. Wright, Cornerstone BC Brooklyn
·        The Charge to the Church: Reverend Carl E. Flemister, ABC Metro NYC
·        The Presentation of Pastor Whitney: Dr. Washington L. Lundy, ESBC
·        The Presentation of First Lady Whitney: First Lady Susie Elliott PBMWW
·        Remarks: Our newly installed Pastor, Reverend Curtis L. Whitney MSBC
March 4th, 1985
  • Emma Ragsdale Executive Administrative Secretary, Teresea Jordan as Clerk Typist.
 September 15, 17, 22, 23, & 24th, 1985
  • Mt Sinai Baptist Church Sixty-Six Church Anniversary “The Joy In Sharing Our Fellowship of Love.’
 April 1989
  • Mattie Herron Becomes Superintendent Of Sunday School, holds this position for eighteen years. Henry knight serves as Assistant.
 January 24th, 1987
  • Organizing the Christian Education Ministry.
 January 24th, 1987
  • Organizing of the Mt Sinai Credit Union Charted by the State of New York.
October 20th, 1991
  • Mt Sinai Speaks Newspaper Staff in Concert. Accompanied by Marilyn J. Bailey, Peter M. Perry and Albert P. Cary.
 January 30th, 1994
  • Youth Church established. The first service was held at 11 a.m. on 5th Sunday.
  • Reverend Marvin Hardy was Youth Minister.
 June 4th, 2000
  • Reverend Dr. Curtis L. Whitney 16th Pastoral Anniversary
“The Millennium Man-A-Messenger Prepared for the New Millennium.”
June 2nd, 2001
  • The Seventeenth (17th) Pastoral Anniversary, Rev. Dr. Curtis L. Whitney Giando on the Water” A Committed and Obedient Sheppard Sent to Feed His Sheep.”
 June 11-15th, 2001
  • Mt. Sinai First Church-Wide Outreach Tent Revival. Elder Timothy Wright Revivalist.
 November 17th, 2001
  • Retirement Celebration for George Rudolph Waddell as Sexton.
 May 18th, 2002
  • Dr. Curtis L. Whitney 18th Pastoral Anniversary Celebration” Pastor and People Learning Together with the Youth, Connecting to the Next Level” Medgar Evers College.
August 6th, 2003
  • Joyce McIver nominated and elected to serve on the Board of Director American Baptist Churches of metropolitan New York.
 September 14 & 28th, 2003
  • Mt. Sinai 84th Church Anniversary “84 Years of Challenges and Sacrifices”.
June 1st, 2003
  • Reverend Dr. Curtis L. Whitney 19th Pastoral Anniversary “Pressing Onward For That Great Reward, Praising God All the Way”.
September 11 & 25th, 2005
  • Mt. Sinai Baptist Church 86th Church Anniversary “Developing a Spirit of Excellence.”
 March 2006
  • Mt. Sinai joins in the launch of a visionary endeavor bringing together pastors and their congregations. Brooklyn Congregations Together (BCT) some of New York’s most influential churches a community-based, not for-profit organization. Motto: “Together in the Spirit of the King.”
April 23rd, 2006
             Ordination & Consecration Deacons and Deaconess.
Deacon Ordination

Brother Ray Ragin
Brother Edward Fleming
Brother Tyson Lillard
Brother LeRon DuBois
Brother James Canley

Deaconess Consecration
Sister Gail Fleming
Sister Pamela Owens
Sister Connie Crump
Sister Mary Davis
Sister Ruth Foster
June 4th, 2006
            Reverend Curtis L. Whitney Twenty Second Pastoral Anniversary “God’s Servant Walking Worthily of the Calling.”
September 1-4th, 2006
  • Mt. Sinai Labor Day Weekend Fellowship Oxley Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Mercy Hill, N.C.
 September 10th & 24th, 2006
  • Mt. Sinai Baptist Church 87th Church Anniversary, “Developing a Spirit of Excellence.”
 December 10th, 2006
  • Brother Carl Leach Licensing for the Gospel Ministry.
 January 18th, 2007
  • Mt. Sinai Sunday School Department Honors Mattie Herron in Retirement Celebration as Sunday School Superintendent at Russo’s On the Bay.
April 1st, 2007
  • Mt. Sinai Baptist Church joins (BCT) Brooklyn Churches Together Palm Sunday Parade and Worship Service First A.M.E. Zion, Brooklyn N.Y.
 June 3rd, 2007
  • Reverend Dr. Curtis L. Whitney 23rd Pastoral Anniversary
 August 17th, 2007
  • Mt. Sinai joins (BCT) Brooklyn Churches Together in its First Youth Weekend Explosion Talent show, Olympics and Madd Fun Excursion.
 January 24th, 2008
  • Mt. Sinai Baptist Church joins Eastern Baptist Association Fourth Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Banquet Honoring Two Distinguished Members Joyce Brown McIver and Roxie Crandoll McKoy.
 March 16th , 2008
  • Mt. Sinai joins (BCT) Brooklyn Churches Together second Palm SundayParade and worship Service. Host church First A.M.E. Zion, Brooklyn, N.Y.
 March 27-29th , 2008
  • Mt. Sinai Baptist Church joins Brooklyn Congregation Together in celebration of Jewels Debut. “Women On a Mission Restoring Hope to the Village.” Speaker: Dr. Susan Cook, Christian Fellowship Church Bronx, N.Y.
 May 3rd , 2008
  • Reverend Dr. Curtis L. Whitney 24th Pastoral Anniversary Banquet & Services “Managing the Prophetic Mandate, Restoring, Renewing and Transforming Lives” El Caribe Country Club, Brooklyn, N.Y. 
  • See  the DVD -
June 1st, 2008
  • Reverend Dr. Curtis L. Whitney 24th Pastoral Anniversary
 June 10th , 2008
 June 22nd, 2008
  • Mt. Sinai Baptist Church host Hiram Grand Lodge 100th St. John’s Day Service Mt. Sinai Lodge members: Deacon Willie McIver, Deacon Charlie Johnson, Deacon LeRon Dubois, Trustee Peter Blythers and Janice Mann.
 June 29th, 2008
  • Mt. Sinai host Eastern Baptist Association 10th Congregational Scholarship and Award Ceremony.

September 14 & 28th, 2008

October 5th, 2008
           89th Usher Anniversary

October 12th, 2008
          "Real Men In The House" - Annual Men's Day - Minister LeRoi Gill -           See the DVD -

June, 2009

  • Reverend Dr. Curtis L. Whitney 25th Pastoral Anniversary

September, 2009

  • MSBC 90TH Anniversary Celebration - 
October, 2009
           90th Usher Anniversary

September 9th & 23rd, 2012
           93rd Church Anniversary

Saturday, June 27, 2015
  • Upon recomendation of the Eastern Baptist Association, The Reverend Dr. Curtis L. Whitney and the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, the Reverend Calvin A. Chandler was ordained and set apart to the Gospel Ministry.
Sunday, January 31, 2016
  • Minister Estelle S. Smart, Licensed as an associate minister of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church
  • Minister Monica Johnson, Licensed as an associate minister of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church
Sunday, February 28, 2016
  • Minister Gail C. Fleming Initial Sermon and licensed to preach as an associate minister of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church
Wednesday ~ June 15, 2016
84 Quincy Street suffered a fire!

Sunday, July 24, 2016 
  • Deacon's Ordination
  1. Keith Cyrus
  2. Anthony "Ray" Lucus
  3. Mark Ross
  • Deaconess Consecration
  1. Brenda Cyrus
  2. Madaline Stanley

Sunday ~  July 31, 2016
The Rev. Dr. Curtis L. Whitney retired as Senior Pastor.
He is now Pastor Emeritus ~ God bless your Retirement!